Kulon Charging Station

AC charging stations with original, simple design, able to fit into any urban space. They are easy to use and versatile, with a high degree of protection and optional monetization.


Kulon is a "slow" AC charging station (Mode 3). There are modifications with one port (connector) or two (connector and socket).

  • Coiled cable of a comfortable length, it does not get under wheels, nor does it visually spoil the appearance of the parking space.
  • Depending on modification, the product can be equipped with different types of connectors (Type1, Type 2).
  • All safety functions you need: grounding continuity monitoring, double leakage monitoring for AC, DC and pulsating current, surge protection (lightning protection) for all external wiring.
  • Metering electricity consumption, remote monitoring and control. Upon request, it can be equipped with a regionally approved meter.
  • In the dual version, the available power is dynamically distributed between the ports while charging two cars simultaneously.
  • Single-phase 220 V connection, three-phase 380/400 V connection.
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