Corporate Parking

Stations that are best suited for corporate parking, parking for employees, customers, corporate commercial vehicles, electric taxis - places without public access, where fast and convenient EV charging service is important.


Corporate parking. Workers spend 20 to 70% of their daytime at work; for visitors, this figure is around 20%. Charging at work and at home is becoming the main charging option for electric vehicles.

Car showroom.  In car showrooms, charging is a chance for excellent service for customers buying an electric vehicle or waiting for service. A customer picking up his/her electric car expects to see it not only serviced and washed, but also charged.

Hotel, motel, hospitality sector facilities. It is difficult to find a better place to charge an electric vehicle on the road, whether it is an overnight or shorter stay. For the hospitality industry, charging stations are an opportunity to attract new customers and improve customer experience.

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Corporate Parking
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