Car Dealers

We are ready to provide a full range of ProstoEnergy charging stations for car dealers selling electric vehicles. After all, the owners of electric vehicles today are early adopters of this new technology, and many of them are willing to participate in the creation of charging infrastructure. 

For car dealers, the sale of charging stations is an opportunity to:

  • Increase the average purchase amount through accompanying charging stations.
  • Later sell additional charging stations to the client for equipping regular parking locations (work, home, summer cottage, etc.).
  • Sell accessories (connectors, adapters, etc.).

The present-day electric car buyer is an "early adopter": a curious, open-minded person interested in trends and technology, and most likely economically active. Among the customers who buy electric vehicles now, there is an extremely high percentage of those who will create various businesses in this niche, or "electrify" existing ones. We advise you to expand your product range with our solutions and build your future.

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