AC charging stations with displays to play advertising and any other interactive content, with a gesture control option. Optional monetization.


Advertising multimedia and mobile applications in HD quality are great opportunities to earn money from advertising and create an interactive space in the parking lot of a shopping mall, hotel, restaurant or business center.

AC-2 stations can be installed in parking lots both outdoors and indoors. Double-screen version, accessories, options and design – as per customer request.

  • D-LED FHD 55" panel
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Video camera for gesture recognition
  • Depending on modification, it can be equipped with different types of connectors (Type1, Type 2)
  • All safety functions you need: grounding continuity monitoring, double leakage monitoring for AC, DC and pulsating current, surge protection (lightning protection) for all external wiring
  • Metering electricity consumption, remote monitoring and control. Upon request, supply with a regionally approved meter
  • In the dual version, the available power is dynamically distributed between the ports while charging two cars simultaneously
  • Single-phase 220 V connection, three-phase 380 V connection
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