Kulon 1.1 Charging Station

Convenient, comfortable and reliable EV charging station. Long, yet compact cable. High degree of protection.

Type 1 (connector) 7 kW

Kulon 1.1 Charging Station uses alternating current. It is designed to charge batteries in electric vehicles and hybrids.

  • Can be installed both in covered and outdoor parking lots
  • Kulon 1.1 Charging Station is installed on the ground and secured with screw fasteners
  • Standard layout enables charging of one electric vehicle
  • Metering electricity consumption for monetization purposes, remote monitoring and control using electricity meter (optional)

Kulon 1.1 Charging Station input characteristics:

  • Network connection: 3-wire P+N+PE
  • Network parameters: 50/60 Hz, 220/230 V
  • Power consumption in standby mode: max 12 W

Output characteristics:

  • Max channel current: 32 A
  • Output power: 
    • Type 1 connector: 22 kW

Connection type: 

  • Standard: SAE J1772, AC level 2
  • Cable: single, maximum 4 meters long, Type 1

Safety parameters:

  • Dust/water protection: IP65
  • Impact protection: IK10
  • RCD: type A, 30 mA
  • Circuit breaker: integrated
  • Automatic disconnection of charged vehicle: in case of cable damage, connection fault, leakage or when charging ends
  • SPD for wired connections (one for Ethernet and one for power): optional

Kulon 1.1 Charging Station weight, size and temperature conditions:

  • Dimensions (width/height/depth, cm): 20x145x25
  • Weight, kg: 40
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +50 °C


  • Ethernet port: integrated
  • WiFi/GSM: optional
  • Smart card reader: ISO14443 (MIFARE, DESFIRE), ISO15693 (iCLASS)
  • OCPP 1.6j Protocol support
  • Status/charging indicators


Kulon. User manual

      7 kW
      Type 1 (connector)
      Private parking, Public parking, Covered parking
      RFID card, Mobile app
      1 phase
      Outdoor, Indoor
      1400 mm
      250 mm
      270 mm
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